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  • 2012-04-11 16:12:16 (:) - Medio Ambiente
    Tsunamis threaten Malaysia after earthquake

    Tsunamis threaten Malaysia after earthquake

    A tsunami warning has been issued in Malaysia following an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.2 that struck Banda Aceh in Indonesia, reports The Associated Press.

    Officials in the country issued the warning after the quake shook buildings on Indonesia's western coast early Wednesday morning. Eyewitnesses claimed that the subsequent aftershocks lasted for almost four minutes.

    Data from the U.S. Geological Survey indicated that the epicenter of the quake was 269 miles from Aceh province, approximately 20 miles beneath the ocean floor.

    Experts said that the initial quake was a strike-slip geological incident, in which the earth moves horizontally. This kind of earthquake displaces less water than thrust quakes, and typically causes less damage.

    The tremors were felt as far away as Bangladesh, although no damage has been reported in the area. A separate tsunami warning was issued for parts of the eastern Andaman and Nicobar islands in India.

    According to CNN, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said that "when no major waves have occurred for at least two hours after the estimated arrival time or damaging waves have not occurred for at least two hours, then local authorities can assume the threat is passed." Travelers are advised to exercise caution when making arrangements to visit the region.

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